The Voyeur Poem 2.

Vamp Vera

Care, I don’t?
Oh, Vera…Vera…
How to adore you?
This tease is intangible.
You tell and I obey.
From miles away,
Shot and lit on a screen of lust; that is beguiling and fleeting.

Owe and Own…What is the difference now?
Vera, you have parted the turbulent waves, in my exhausted mind; that wrestles in dismay.

Your voice, a siren, a wavelength to vamp on my heart.
Will you colour up your words in tones of lacy blue or vivid velvety red?
from what I gave.
Oh, how I misbehaved.
Vera…Vera a mantra you have become.



Poem by: Naomi Ruth Saharski W.                                    Art by: James Nares and Mark Rothko



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