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The Ache of February

In the days of February,                      A walk on muddy ground.                By the drowned trees.           Feelings of estrangement,                  A white fog….                                        A dismissal on the lips.                     In consequence, arced collarbone’s of males,                                     Always shaped in lust.

For Moonskittles’s cruelest month challenge.                                         Why February is the cruelest month? First of all, the month of February in the Midwest is ugly. The trees have been dead all winter, you’re over the snow by then, and when it melts over and over…the ground is soggy and nasty. Everything is brown and muddy. *Sigh*  Secondly, you’re coming down from the high of a new year…just want to sleep. And lastly, love is not in the air personally for me.  Valentines Day a trick holiday. February has been a curse for me, but don’t get me started on Doom December. That’s a different poem and more hellish.

Poem: Naomi Ruth S. W.         Image: appropriated- Pinterest



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