Jay Poem 11.

A cascade of thoughts…

Ardent, in thinking that when we meet again as dying stars…We will supernova.                                                Become candles of the sky, you and I.                                                           Expanding, for a new kind of love.                                                       

By: Naomi Ruth 

Image: Lasvit blended with an image from Pinterest (artist unknown)


12 thoughts on “A cascade of thoughts…

      • Mark Ryan says:

        Ah I see, the thoughts that never drown. They seem to be strong, hope it wasn’t too emotionally wrenching. Love is the answer at least. Lovely post.


      • It was…but I was young and didn’t know how to deal and ended up repressing it for a decade and a half. Now, like the title, everything cascades out. It really has been the best thing for me. It opened the doors to the desire to really and always write. This was the main reason I started this blog.
        And yes love is there…that sort of love never leaves. Thanks for your interest and liking my words. Means a lot, I never knew how much I needed to be connected with other writers. I’ve always had art friends from art school but never poets. It’s great!


      • Mark Ryan says:

        The waters will rise I imagine, emotions like to spill out in torrents. All poetry fodder and a good cathartic step to healing. Your work is great, and is nice this is the space where you can spark with others. I know what you mean, is encouraging and exciting. Hope you’re ready for the good times. More please!


      • Thanks for your kindness. I shall try my best. Your work is immensely good too and very emotional. I see that you’re influenced by films. Is what you write from personal experiences or are you living in a film?


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Try and soar! Everything is process. And thank you, my emotions are usually spectrumed into anger or happiness…ricochetting muddleingly between. I learned long ago the movie scenes never truly play out in real life. Though I don’t mind writing my own ending =) Looking forward to your next post


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