Mine Na Poem 8.

Hannah Rae Lark

Hannah, you always soared higher than the skylark. Your dawn song, the loudest, banishing all the darkness of our childhood days.

I often tried to mimic the way you caught their attention, your energy, your beauty, your unshattered confidence—how you sought more life then the day could bring.

You showed me how to be brave through all our youthful escapades. Held my hand when we jumped into that crystal dusk lake.                                                              It’s okay, the fish will only caress your legs. 

When we climbed out on that roof, it mattered not what season…The country midnight fields echoed our laughter. Your voice booming the loudest and aliveness for the both of us.

When did you start banishing the day? Throwing fire at the sun?                                                      You’re battling against your strengths.

Yes, there is time to lie under the grieving rock, but the moss has begun to grow on top. And the air pockets are closing in on your withdrawal. It must be hot!? 

In the stark night, you pour poison down your throat, but you’re not meant for this bitterness. Even so you broke your wing, the dawn still misses your summoning.

I’m only your little sister, but I’ll fly and sing out…Tell the sun you’re just under the shade. That your song will shimmer in the reflective morning again. Once your done being the Nova of the night.

Poem and Photo by : Naomi Ruth S. W.

Video: Heather Nova – Throwing Fire At The Sun



6 thoughts on “Hannah Rae Lark

    • Thank you! As you can tell, I wrote it for my big sister. As teenagers we listened to Heather Nova a lot. Still do. Relate to her emotional content and her voice is breathtaking. We would have totally hung out with you if you lived in the Midwest. 🙂

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  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you Naomi for the lovely poem. It is a beautiful reminder of many memories we’ve shared (good and bad) and of who I have always been. Love you little sis. Definitely gonna search for my Heather Nova CD to listen to it as I read this again in the future. I will cherish it and you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcomed sister! Very happy that you read and liked it. Thanks for always inspiring me! And yes find your Heather Nova cd…her music is still so beautiful.


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