Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Wild Eruptive Moods

Riding on this blue mood.                   Nourishment found in the dark abyss.                                                         In the sunset, I must subdue this dragon of desire.                                   In the sunrise, I must silent the grieving bell of these dense sorrows.                                                     I touch the earth, she response with volcanic ashes. “Fuck it, we are zen everything. We are masters to the fire.”

Poem and Image by: Naomi Ruth S.


3 thoughts on “Wild Eruptive Moods

    • Thank you! I saw this Buddha with a missing hand at an antique store back in April. Snap a pic. If I would have bought it…I think would have made another hand maybe holding a cup or something silly.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Hehe, i like that. Shame you couldn’t buy it…but have the spirit snapped forever in the photo…and can add your own elements. Nice work.

        Liked by 1 person

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