Into the Summer

My first post. Today, remembering you again.

Enshrined Poetry

You whispered,                                       “The girl with hands full of rings.” Frozen by time, you slept in my arms,                                               Under the ripples of radiant blue light.

Now you’re gone Jay,                             and you haven’t found her.

For in June, with juvenile pursuits, tranquility was chased away by noon.                                                                And all awkwardness, recklessness, and giddiness; a collection for a dust web.

The bridged cards have fallen down…

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6 thoughts on “Into the Summer

      • Mark Ryan says:

        Ah i see. I pictured bent cards making a bridge over water for some reason. My too literal thinking. Glad you have some archived pieces too.


      • I don’t think is literal at all. Sounds better then my intention, which is another story within a story. When I was teen I couldn’t bridge cards they would just fly all over the place. He tried to teach me but I must’ve gave up. Until, I decided to teach myself in my early twenties. The bridged cards in the poem follow with the dust web…how time has passed and I’ve changed because I’ve lived longer. I suppose there might be some underlining pain in them falling. But your version is quite good and paints a nice picture.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Good you managed to do it yourself in the end. And that’s the great thing about poetry, how others attach their own version/images to your writing. Is a good one, i like it.

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