Mine Na 11.

The Oleander Cocoon

I enter in this arch of light above my heart.
Take me back, to that gentle place.
Where I tread upon before age.

I hear a faint crowd in the back,
“Nurse, the scalpel to drag across the chest.”

I’m walking through a bush garden.
Oleanders to my right side.
Oleanders to my left side.
Only their sweet scent can drown the surface pain.
They conceal and protect.
What is left of my folds of consciousness.

In the inwards of the garden,
I rest on the alabaster ground; to bask my pallor body in the crystal light.

The spirits here are tender.
They delicately burrow love atoms in me.
While the living take me apart and rearrange me.

They lay me in cool chambers to relieve the surface heat, like a sunburn stinging inside of me.
I’m wrapped in satin flower petals.

Cocooned here, until I emerge
with child eyes.

Poem: Naomi Ruth

Image blended with Newsha Ghasemi Art


3 thoughts on “The Oleander Cocoon

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    Love it. ‘In the inwards of the garden’ is beautiful, and i love the sunburn on the inside imaergy. To see not expeirnce obviously. Excellent, and great image too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I was trying to imagine how it would all feel in two realms. And I nailed the stinging sunburn feeling. I was surprised that I could find that exact images with oleanders. I’m planning on making an arch with a women painted in that oleander bush garden. Got to heal up first. Hope your day is going good. I need to head over to your page…see if I missed anything new. Your one of my favorites…if you didn’t know by now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Must be right if it came to you easily. The arch sounds amazing…but heal up please. A couple of newbies…hope you like. And thank you, and i you. Like attracts like.

        Liked by 1 person

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