Art Illustration + Poems

The Persona Series

I made these mix-media paintings thur 2008- 2010. My intentions were to always have a story/poem for each. All of them have titles to begin their stories. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Eleanor Airway

Sylvia’s Solitaire

Claudia’s Mourning

Crystal Star Icing

Lyla Parrot

Chelsea Rose

Olive andΒ the Sleeping Goldfish

Titles in order from 1st image below.

All artwork by Naomi R W Ask permission before copying any image, please.



8 thoughts on “The Persona Series

    • Ah, thank you! I have been told I should have been living in the 60’s (maybe I was in a different life). They started as ink-blots towards the bottom and then I drew the rest from there. Sort have originated all trippy.

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    • Thank you pleasant street and poeturja. Love Plath and could be her story too. My Sylvia is pregnant and her solitude is being in the situation as a single without a father. The lemons, black swan and the desert are deceiving metaphors. What seems bitter, dry, bad luck, and desertion is actually nourishment for her and the baby. It’s actually alive there with magical purple water. Basically it is saying sometimes we stand on our own two feet better and we eventually see the reward and beauty in it. I suppose this story is done now. Haha! Just have to shape it into poetry.

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    • Thanks! That is a good compliment! It is good to have plenty paths…just sometimes it can be hard to pick the right one. I have a couple ideas for some story poems. And I did these some years back…knowing my intentions but sometimes the stories can change.


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