Ceramics + Writing, Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

The Releasing and Rescripting Station to Sink a Stone


Smokey Quartz and Sodalities,
nestles around the eyes of my heart.
They set up base in this vertigo vessel.
Building an inner peace,
for the quakes of my solar plexus.
Ventilate, the darkest clinging fragments — lies of soot
and take root to truths.

My immersion, in calming undulations
of crystal ship and parting blues.
Pouring out, my black blocks of code.
Creating a new composition,
on a petrichor cellular wall of streams…I’m alive, I’m alive,
I’m alive…


9 thoughts on “The Releasing and Rescripting Station to Sink a Stone

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    This is truly amazing, full of such hope and change. I woke up this morning with nothing but the idea of roots and strength in my head, and before i put pen to paper is see your post. I love the black blocks of code part.
    The art is amazing too, that looks like amber in my ignorant eyes, The stones look like tiny earths! Wonderful!

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    • Thank you! It was the last piece I had worked on for the show. All of the stones, glass, beads, and resin are all in the middle of ceramic square box. Yeah, they do look like tiny earths! C, thought it looked like a space station and the Smokey Quartz in the middle that I raised is taking off. That’s why I named it station. And the releasing and rescripting inspired from the book I’ve been reading about past lives and the grief theme (stone protection). I’ve had this Quartz for years and finally used it.
      Yeah the black blocks represent to me all karmic patterns we don’t need to repeat anymore.
      I’m so happy to inspire, especially you…your my favorite! ☺ Must have been on the same frequency.

      Do you write all your work out on paper first? I do…I can’t do it all on a computer. I like being old school.
      We still need to make a poem together. I actually did write something…probably silly.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Wait, does that mean you’re all done for the show? I like it, and like the name too! Glad you were able to finally use the Quartz that had been lingering. Isn’t it nice when it all comes together.
        I like the notion of no longer repeating, the message was learned an we stop!
        I have a journal, i flip between states. I get too doodley sometimes in pen. And yes, defintely on the same plain. Ah ha, yes the collaboration sounds excllent. Was going to start an email threa…when i get around to it. Please send what you have! 🙂 Silly is welcomed!


      • Yup, all done! Well I got to type three things I wrote in word. Then I’ll be.
        Aw, doodling can be relaxing but yes you find that you’re not writing anymore can be a problem.
        Yeah I’ll send it an email. You concentrate on important things like your writing. Send a thread when you have nothing to do. Like I said like to know how you’re doing.
        Got to finish getting ready. I have to go see my surgeon for a follow up and then if everything is good…gotta go back to work today…which is exciting and not. Lol!


      • Thanks, I’m a bit earlier to my appointment so I start the email now. Yeah work should be fine…I’ll just be missing doing what I want in the day. 😏


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Ah the freedom is the drug you get hooked on. Hope it went well…will get around to the emails, promise. Being pulled all over at the moment..


      • It did, the doctor gave me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Always like visits with him…I wish he was my doctor for everything. It’s okay, I know you will. It’s good you’re being pulled. Means you’re needed. Have a good rest before another day! 🌞


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Whoop! Glad you got the golden stars, that’s great news. I hope they werent McDonald’s ones. Hehe. I hope he makes it to the show!
        And yeah, good way to look at it. Thanks, have a good eve…that side.

        Liked by 1 person

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