Into the Skin of Europa (series)

A Summer’s Hum

Nadiah’s Meadow – Europa Series Part 3. 

As one might bear away,
so far beyond reality
where she waits,
till dawn
with eyes wide awake listening for summer chimes, across
green meadows shimmering,
wildflowers blooming prosperity
from london’s music that fosters heartbeats, to erase aches, in her delicate crimson skin of sorrow.


8 thoughts on “A Summer’s Hum

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    Lovely, just lovely. I imagine her patiently waiting and breathing in the warm summer air. I like the huming too…like the vibration of the earth. The Europa series needs a chronicle…her own words and interpretations. We need more of her! Excellent work, and brilliant art!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Like always, thank you! I’m so honored that you read and care for the development of Nadiah. I know the story is moving slow and feels a bit disorganized. The next writing I’m going to try for will be more story-like. I thought maybe I can float between poems and short stories interpreting or going deeper into the metaphors.
      Like I said, I’m more of a poet but I’m trying.
      For the next writing.
      She going to be in the meadow in a deep meditation and this is where the hum begins to turn into a voice. Frighten at first but she begins to trust. The guide comes eventually moving and showing her origins. I decided that she is English gal (since I love England). I want her reside in The White Cliffs of Dover. Reminds me of the white icy cliffs of Europa. Have you been there? I’ve been looking a pictures. Are there meadows too?


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