Jay Poem 14.

Amber Nights: The Arrival, The Binding, The Fall

Slay me, you did.
The remnants of me,
Caught, as a fossil
In the sap-like of the night.
I was beguiled by your love…
Spun in the heady amber-burnt midnight.
Fallen beneath your achilles’…
Tangled, in dark muddy roots
Living in the archaic Aspen.
Waiting for you,
To pluck me out of this ground.
To keep in your pocket;
As your shiny souvenir.


3 thoughts on “Amber Nights: The Arrival, The Binding, The Fall

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    I feel like i’m tasting these words. This poem.
    The images remind me of fingernails….hands being the theme somewhat.
    ‘To keep in your pocket. As your shiny souvenir.’ – excellent ending.

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    • Good, I’m glad you can taste them. They start sweet then turn to a burnt crisp and become hard like candy…amber. I know you love gem poems, as I do.
      That’s interesting the images remind you of fingernails. I can see that even though I focused on the hands a main theme. Maybe the white matte glaze resemble fingernails. The glaze feels smooth like fingernails.
      I made these last year. I’m showing them at the show. The poem is longer on here. I had stopped at midnight. Yesterday I was reviewing it and knew it needed more… The editing was worth it. And the ending seems to be the crystal thought. Like always, thank you for searching for the essence in my words.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Like how it evolved then, and the peices are great. Can imagine you’re looking forward to the show now…good to show off and peacock! Glad you have the talent to prop it all up. It’s good to go back to work sometimes and tamper!

        Liked by 1 person

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