Mouthless Bell

Even if I’m shoutin, from the outside,
Does anyone listen to bells anymore?
Does anyone hear this striking noise?

How can I hold myself up?…when slipping on chalk dust floors.

And you live life in a centrifuge of hope.
But I cannot wish to be your paramount.
And I cannot wish to hold your gaze for so long.

Even if I’m shoutin, inside,
Can I even admit this to you?
For I need to scream,
But I have no mouth.

Even if I’m shoutin, inside,
It doesn’t really even matter.
For no one hears a worn out soul.

Please do not linger sunshine.
I’m thieving for a moon seat.

Art: Daehyun Kim Moonassi

Poem: Naomi Ruth


15 thoughts on “Mouthless Bell

  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    I definitely recommend the songs “Deep Red bells”. And “someday soon ” by Neko case, based on Some of this symbolism? Seems like it might further enrich what you’re writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ryleysatompkins says:

    The only reason I say that is because she uses Similiar symbolism but heads in an entirely different direction with it.:s might be beneficial. But your writing. Is very yinful. The world needs more yinful energy at this time defnintely.

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  3. ryleysatompkins says:

    I guess so. hahhaa. THIS GREAT NATION OF CANADA!

    There is yang, definitely. I sort of have you pegged lately for someone who fits into the INTJ archetypal pattern. The bell is like introverted intuition, appearing Empty, and silent, yet it’s space for potential, like a womb, all things in existence are born into it. It’s yinfull.

    Extroverted thinking is the light that controls that, that sort of exposes it, brings like to it, and clarity

    Introverted feeling can go unnoticed, and disrupt the conclusions that the first two functions arrive at, but when developed opens up avenues for exploring them that before didn’t even seem possible. Introverted feeling is behind the door of imagination in the INTJ I think.

    Extroverted is the entire, full, being, that blooms, like a lotus, when all that work is done, and then a person is individuated.

    I sort of see you embodying that pattern in writing, very carefully.


    • Wow! Tapping into my psyche…very cool. I took a theories of personalities psych course years ago and the Myers and Briggs personality test said I was INFP. But what’s really set in stone? I mean I think the introverted will always be the hierarchy of my personality. Always wanted to be secretly more like an INTJ. They are beautiful minds.
      You were dead on about the bell symbolizing introverted intuition.
      I’m becoming more extroverted the older I get and yes especially through my writing. I feel very safe there. I’m awkward expressing myself in person. And that’s a beautiful image of a lotus. I’m working towards it.
      What about you? Are you an INTJ? Do you study psychology and personalities?


  4. ryleysatompkins says:

    I’m sorry! I meant to type extroverted sensing, not just extroverted. I apologize, apparently I can’t edit comments on WordPress, so I’ll have to be more careful!


    • Thank you! One of my downhearted creations. For the shadow is always depth of my colorful ones. Haha!
      I’ll be revisiting the email soon. Oh, the assignments I make for us. Lol, trying to remember all the movies I love. Seen so many. Hope your week is well and unusual! šŸ™‚


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Always shades of many colours. I liked it, good to have a range of emotions.
        Hope your week has been enchanting also…life is a movie; write your own script

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