You’re the tiger eye to my wobbly mind.
A phenomena.
To teach me what I mouth on a pixelated spread.
And not just be another chalkboard poet.
You were the core to my apple.
The yin in my yang.

Before you all I knew was to forget, to stop asking, to stop tearing, and to bobble like drift-wood.
Abandoned symbolic punishment.
Trapped an alien connection, of what we said in the dark.
We found a common need.
When daylight came streaming in, duality, apparently.

You came to my rescue and built within me a honest temple.
Infused everything.
So where did all the magic go?
Must’ve palmed my ego too tightly.
And I was too eager to rise.
For the feast is tossed over cliff’s edge.

And my heart, like bruised blueberries scattered on the floor.
Somehow I’m back digging in the ruins. As the seeker surrounded, in bleeding hearts.



13 thoughts on “Beseech

    • Ha…I like that image too. I saw it as parts of one heart but perhaps we are made up of mini hearts? I envision a Bjork video of this idea. Thanks, I know I’ve been treading again in my melancholic mindset lately. But I’m still grateful for I’ll be bouncing back up again. One emotion doesn’t last forever.
      Got to go visit your page now. I bet I’ll find honey lines.


  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    Love lost can be an interesting prison. Searching for atonement. Searching for understanding.

    Palming our egos indeed! When my anxiety wells up I find my hand moving to my heart. If I put my focus there, my hand will naturally fall away. I realize that is letting go of life. There’s a small drop, but opportunity is the result, and it’s sort of a psychic rebirth.


    I wanted to say thank you for re-blogging one of my blogs as well. I really appreciate it. That was a kindness I can’t easily repay, but as you said “Poetry is my tribute”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This poem is actually the fear of losing poetry as a love for me. I feel like it’s own being that rescues me from myself. But I still need to remain humble.
    Touching your heart like that sounds like Reiki.
    I suppose sometimes we need that kind of hurt so you know what really loves you.

    You’re very welcome. I would re-blog more but I don’t want to be annoying. I decided to read at least one of your writings one per day. You can repay me by still writing on WordPress or somewhere were I could read it. 🙂


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