Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Petals to Puddles

Rose of sharon,
Time and time again;
You held the morning dew.
Every single drop beaded down your throat.
Until you’re shaken into a rush of need. Displayed amongst the ear of a girl of sixteen.
Your silken skin withers away.
Gazing at your shrivelled petals to obtain,
We were roses of sharon,
Trimmed away.
Fallen in puddles.


12 thoughts on “Petals to Puddles

  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    Wanted to post on this lastnight but I was drowning in sleepiness. I feel like active meditation is the most promiment thing practice to avoid this process of yinfully falling together and falling apart and never really finishing any true love, never feeling complete or harmonized.

    In group therapy I constantly remind people that it’s impossible to meditate for most of us, and when they asked how I meditate, I said “I basically run around in circles until I collapse on the floor, THEN I meditate”

    “Until you’re shaken into a rush of need”

    Have to keep spinning right?

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    • Thanks for stopping back with a rested mind for a comment. πŸ™‚
      Yea, I’m one of those type of people that find it hard to meditate consistently, since I have a loud mind…I’m mostly floating in my imagination. But I try my best to ground myself and look at all kind of methods to mediate. I was reading about this Kabbalah method of gazing at an object to achieve a meditative state and it remind me of when I was younger. My parents had Rose of Sharon bushes. I remember pulling them off near a concrete slab that held water when it rained and petals would fall in the puddles. I would get lost in just looking at every characteristics of the flower without really not thinking about why they were this or that way. I remember it being very relaxing but I might have picked so many for my own needs. The Roses of Sharon were my church in a way
      Your method is interesting. I do find myself pacing a lot sometimes at night. Need to exhaust my energies to exit the mind.


  2. ryleysatompkins says:

    Nara, can I ask, how do you change the font color on your wordpress! It should be so simple, but mine is stuck on grey, and I can’t figure out how to change the actual THEME font, as opposed to just the post font colors. :S It should be so simple yet when I search google it seems like the most difficult thing!

    Do I need to get into the source code or something ? If so, Is that even possible from a browser? I apologize for asking it’s just that I can’t find it online after an hour of looking so i’m getting a bit desperate/frustrated ahah


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