Mine Na 12.

Night of Plight


In September’s chambers
Where I stretch out
Cry out
Choke on life’s droplets
Feel the stabs across my chest
Of unquiet love, burned down to sorrow’s howl

Search for reasons in piled books
To be pulled up by fish hooks
Reclaim the joucned amygdala

But Lowell’s ungoverned course
Clings like black iron to my knife

I’m to blame
I sent the invite
And they dance around me
But never kindly touch me
They use magnets to pull from me
What they want
To spin it for their own glory dust
But tonight my back is turned
From these warm hosts
To lay once more with my little ghost

Photograph: Francesca Woodman   I could no longer play

Poem: Naomi Ruth Waldschmidt


9 thoughts on “Night of Plight

  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    The only reference I could find to Lowells curse was from a book called “Lady Sparrow” Lowells curse set the horses stomping again.

    It’s a strange interpretation but it sounds like in this poem there is an indecision about leadership. It seems like the writer wanted to take the lead in some way but didn’t rise to it, and instead fell back to what he or she knew. 🙂


    • I’ve never read that book. “Lowell’s course” refers to a quote by Robert Lowell’s personal struggle with manic depression. He described the voyage as “ungovernable and dangerous”
      The writer can’t lead the wicked except maybe off a cliff. The writer chose mercy and yes decided to not play.


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