Mental Health


She’s a lovable bundle of anxiety.
Thoughts like a cluttered
Chelsea Hotel room.
Awkward with a sizzle.
What is this divine activity?
Her buzzing daemons chattering above.
They’re winding her up.
Building in her an electrical current;
To feed her thoughts
That seldomly go array.
She needs to transcend out of this.
Needs a renewing mantra.
To dive into the alpha.
And awaken back into earthly arms.

Poem and Drawing: Naomi Ruth


17 thoughts on “E.C.T. BEE FREE

  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    om namah shivaya?

    Have you ever read the golden compass? I might have asked you this, or the subtle knife/amber spyglass, its sequels? just because you mentioned daemons haha


      • ryleysatompkins says:

        cold water therapy works really well. someone said “The excuses I tell myself before taking a cold shower are the same things I tell myself that hold me back in other areas of life”


      • Haha…before I read the quote I was already making an excuse…hating cold showers and loving hot baths. Unless I’m extremely hot. I suppose good after a long row on the row machine. I think I can do that.


  2. ryleysatompkins says:

    the shiva mantra isn’t capable of being attached to anything no matter how hard to try, hahah. it’s pure fluidity, It’s similar to the word Jain for me, but it’s only parallel, not attached. if that makes sense. It’s significance is similar and it’s nature is similiar but it is different. Not sure how to explain.


  3. So your chanting “overcomer” that’s a good mantra. But your not attaching it to emotion?
    I’m interested in TM meditation.
    I have excessive amount of anxiety that tangles my thinking. I literally have to plug my ears when I read or write to not be overstimulated and to focus.
    But I was listening to music last couple of nights that engage in the alpha waves. I could write and listen.


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