Higher Influences

Excellent Insights

Minal Dalal


We are affected and influenced here in our practical realm by nature of Relationships, Condition in which we exist and Situation we are indulge into. These are influences of co-existence. Our reactions to these influences arise from our self realm which is our physicality, conscious and subconscious mind, our emotionality and state of our spirit. These are all practical realms and influences. We also come under influence of higher realms, which is beyond our limited senses and knowing. They do exist and we are under influence of them.

Few of them are Universal Energy, Universal Intelligence, Time and Space or Era, Regional Realm, Vibrational Frequency of Collective Mind.

All of these are beyond influences, beyond in the sense, we have to bow down and obey them, we have no power to change or overcome them. Rest of all practical influences, we have the power to change them, convert them, attract…

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