Into the Skin of Europa (series)

Spirit Lantern (Into the Skin of Europa) part 4.

Nadiah awakens by the cool breeze shuddering her skin back into the core of her body. She wonders how long she has been in this summer meadow. As her eyes touch a near by oak, she realizes the season has changed. The tree’s canopy of golden burnt-orange leaves dancing in the new autumn wind.
Everything for the moment seemed silent. Just a faint rustling of the leaves. Even the buzz of the bees she could no longer hear.

As she begins to rise out of the dying grass. Nadiah’s anahata fills with a painful heaviness that pulls her body back down to the ground. Her body is quaking as her chest and throat are closing like a vault.
As her mind tries to reason with her body, it evens slides off balance into suffocating fear.

She starts to let go.
She’s dying.
She knows it.
The lack of oxygen leaves her giddy.
And she believes the warm sensation in her head are her brain’s transmitters shooting and bursting like fireworks; to then sizzle out into cellular ashes. But the warm sensation did not stop in her mind.
It slid down her throat and chest like honey. Then down through her arms to her naval and stretched to her legs. Once it reached her toes, her whole body opened up like a golden champa flower for the sun.
She now not only could breathe fully. She could hear fully.
Her ears absorbed with what sounded like thousands of rapid speaking tongues, until the voices broke into a singular voice like a diving echo.

In confusion she questioned its’ source, “Is it in her?” The voice begins to turn into a hum, then a vivid male’s voice breaks into a lyrical tone,
“Oh Nadiah
Oh Nadiah
Your quivering heart no more
You’re jewel droplets
To this sacred ground
Aqua is your tranquil mind
Oh Nadiah
Oh Nadiah
Your arrival is harmonized
In the highest love of the awe.”

And then there he was appearing like an image on the emulsion of reality.
His dark eyes were deep seats of joy. His face a sculpted masterpiece of cherished time.
And a gentle smile that perished any doubts in her mind.

Without an utterance she knew she was going somewhere with him.
But where she did not know.
She was not afraid as she took his extended hand into her own, hand of crimson.
And like a pure drop in the ripples of sound, he spoke,
” Hello Nadiah.
I am Beara.
I’ll be your guide.”

And as if the earth escaped from the sun, everything grew dark. Except Beara, who glowed like a lantern in the unknown ebony.
And from this magical lantern, a whisper,
“This is trust.”

Poem: Naomi Ruth/ Art: altered by Naomi Ruth & Violet Aveline (peer and loving friend)




8 thoughts on “Spirit Lantern (Into the Skin of Europa) part 4.

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    A guided lamp to light her way The lyrical segment comes across like a mantra. This is a great piece, and a nice step in the direction of some adventures for her…with a handful of trust and light. Excellent!
    I especially liked : “sizzle out into cellular ashes”
    So happy to see live breathed into her story…on the seat edge here for the next part.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you! It literally took me all Saturday to compose it. I’m not so confident still in writing short stories. Just a poet trying to fill in the vague holes.
      A hint: White Cliffs of Dover and it will probably be more poetry then shift back into story mode.
      Thanks for your support. You are the biggest motivation to keep the story going. I love your challenge.


    • Heads up, I’ll be done with an email soon and I’m hoping your package 📦 arrives soon. I have the fear of it getting lost. Been waiting on overseas package from etsy myself and might have to call the post office if I don’t get it this week. 😬


      • Mark Ryan says:

        That’s so kind, please don’t add any burden onto yourself! You’ve reminded me i’m in the same predicament….was meant to pick something up at the weekend from overseas post. Eek, forgot. The busy lives we lead.
        Hope you monday kicks off the week well!

        Liked by 1 person

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