Ceramics + Writing, dreams

Sleeping With Malachite (Part 2)

His mind softly touches my,
Exuberant ladder of dreams.

He is wrapped in a blanket
Of my layered terra.

Like a destined sleepwalker
He came right through.
But with care,
For my scared
Velvety ivory dog.
He even brushes
My bronzy beauties.

He gathers all
My thought patterns around.
Even one of my owl friends
Joins the funeral circle.

Who died?
Wait. What?
That’s me, wrapped
Like an egyptian mummy,
With malachite.

How could I have died?
A woeful projection
Hears me and explains,
“Drown in a lake of cadmium red.”

He shakes me awake
“Just another nightmare.”, I say
“But you were laughing
Not crying.”
He says.

I reply,
“Oh my unconscious lost my life.”
But with a more serious tone,
“I was under my fate.”


img_6503Poem & Art: Naomi Ruth W. Photograph : Erwin Blumefeld



8 thoughts on “Sleeping With Malachite (Part 2)

    • Wow! That’s cool you can relate me to Kahlo. Her’s is way more in depth. Maybe the dog is the baby? Lol.
      Yes, I guess if I was to believe in fate (which I’m iffy about) I think I can find it in my dreams.
      And yes I love the owls at the funeral too! That alone would be a awesome painting. Twin Peakish.
      I have a part 3 but I don’t like the art as much. But I’ll still write something and show it. I could really see me redoing the art on these. At the time I didn’t know how it was all going to turn out. The glaze on some parts not as refined as I wanted it. I got fat horses. And I was still experimenting with colored clay.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Well, that’s what i thought of when i saw it and read it. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hehe, very twin peaks…and tres cool! I like the perfection of imperfection. Speaks itself. Maybe an accompaniment rather than a re-do


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