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Purple like my true love is

I seize your voice,
And sink it into the purple waves.
The spillage pours into my aura.
When I can’t understand the overflow of language;
I pause the burden.
Simone’s lilac lamenting
Into blend of din.
The third eye enchanted
in the ry ry rhyming sin.
I felt my twin flame INTENSITY in 1998.
And hey, I was desired the same.
I’m the purple passion vine climbing a windowsill.
You, metal petals on the kitchen floor.
Tinfoil lips.
Still, unready.
Unreal my descending myth.

Poem: Naomi Ruth W.

Β  Art: James Nares


5 thoughts on “Purple like my true love is

    • Thank you, tin man!
      Went to Chicago today to the Art Institute. Saw Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man sculpture and it made me think of this metal man. It was so grand to see in person!


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Oh wow, school trip! Excellent, what a lovely day I imagine. Good to inspire…have you been before? Any pics?
        My uncle has just moved to Chicago!


      • Yea, I’ve been to Chicago about 5 times now. But I never been to the Art Institute until this trip.
        Yes, I have a lot of pics! I’ll send you some in the next email. Which sorry for the delay. October is always my busiest month. I love to do everything I can possible in 4 weeks.
        You should visit your uncle in the near future and I’ll come up a meet you in person!?


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Seems like an interesting city!
        Ah no problem, i hope it’s not unwelcomed busy. Be sure to take time for you…and glad you got to have a good day in Chic-a-go! Hehe, maybe. I think my mum wants to go see him next year so who knows..

        Liked by 1 person

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