Consciousness of one’s emotionality

E is for energy

Minal Dalal


What is your emotional quotient? Is your emotional nature supporting you in moving forward in life or is it suppressing you? Are you living open cheerful and vibrant life or you are living low worthless and deprived life?

Well. The root source of it all is in your emotionality. The kind of sensation and reaction you reflect in any given situation. Your emotions are source of your Inner Energy. E (Energy) in Motion. Your entire energy level – high low, up down, depressed super charged… depends on kind of energy you are allowing to flow within you. I said allowing because our emotions, our reactions and sensations are entirely at our own discretion. We can know and can change the moment we decide to or intend to if so required.

Our mind may act unknowingly fewer times because of our deep seated sub conscious conditions but our emotions are ever…

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