Kryptonite, Mental Health

Selenophilla Oasis

I’m here, nauseated from imploding sips
I can’t sense the external
Chain a thermometer to my divided mind
Ladybugs crawl right up that slit,
Inwardly they scream
As Case so shamelessly sang,
“You thought you could outrun sorrow.”

Mama always told me she wanted to die
From birth, pillow retreats and soggy sheets
Mirrored imagery
Absorbed all the energy
Preoccupied with arms that clinged but would unravel once the judgement was too steep
Her voice, abandoned foghorn
Where did I hide when eyes raged in the night
My Islands of Competence
To self soothe

Close your eyes dear
I told you it is just around the bend
Why I’ll let you follow
Because your worth more than all the Zodiac’s zillion flames in the sky
To ascend the tree
Tinder box
No need



14 thoughts on “Selenophilla Oasis

      • ryleysatompkins says:

        once a week. Starting school when I get ahold of someone on monday who can help with my intake. Then I don’t know what will happen after that. but I can’t afford living on my own anymore. So I need to find a way to re-adapt back into society. It’s sort of scary


      • I know it is. I was always a nervous wreck when I was in college but really it was the best thing for me to connect. And they became some of the best years of my life. What are you going back for? Did you decide? Did I tell you I have a minor in psychology? I thought for a brief moment I would be a art therapist. Didn’t go that way though.
        I’m excited and nervous for you!


      • ryleysatompkins says:

        I’m just going to take college prep, then decide between a mental health field or nursing. I’d like to be a mental health nurse possibly one day.

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      • That’s a great goal. My aunt is a nurse and she is still going through school. Very challenging. Her photographic memory helps when she studies. So she told me.


      • That’s good. Take it. Nurses make good income so you’ll be able to pay it back. And don’t stop. You might think you need to but you really have to overcome it. And your not straight out of high school and already been there once. Just be devoted to it like that poem you wrote. Don’t let anyone stop you.


      • ryleysatompkins says:

        I knew if I gave up on massage therapy that i’d be in a lot of trouble and it was true. If I don’t succeed this time then it’s game over. I really want to move forward this time.>.<

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      • You will if you put your whole heart into it. Things, emotions, people, circumstances will try to distract you. Don’t allow it. It is possible to have other things in people in your life but don’t start living for them. You have do this for you. And if they care they won’t pull you into failure.

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