Alzheimer Deception

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Alzheimer disease was discovered by Dr. A. Alzheimer about 100 years ago. He discovered, that Alzheimer patient’s brain is massively reduced in volume and functionality. In 1907 were at the most 0.5% of the global population counted as Alzheimer patients.

In 2012 there are counted over 4 Millions Alzheimer patients and the tendency is massively growing so that in 2030 it is expected to reach 50% of Dementia or Alzheimer worldwide. It is thus correct to consider that Alzheimer and Dementia are a direct effect of our life style, of our civilisation.

One of the major cause for Brain degeneration is the electrosmog, especially that created by satellites and their GPS communications with the Earth control centres. This communication is based on frequencies around 27 KHz, which it is known to be also the cellular glucose switch frequency; this switch enables glucose molecules to penetrate into cells (nourish) and to open…

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4 thoughts on “Alzheimer Deception

  1. ryleysatompkins says:

    It’s true that ketogenic diets can ease symptoms of “Overexcitement” which is neurotoxic and leads to neurological decay. Another way to stave off this effect is to intermittent fast. ^^.

    Brains are usually GABA dominant or Glutamate dominant, the latter in excess is neurotoxic, GABA in contrast helps organize thoughts and put the “Space” between words.

    It makes sense that anything that reduces Glutamate when it’s excessive, will improve the ratio of Gaba/Glutamate, and reduce “Excitory” impulses, which is probably why ketogenic diets are so often used for children with epilepsy. ^^.


  2. Aw, no, no, sorry. I was putting up the Christmas stuff.
    Wow! You know a lot about this topic. I’ve heard of ketogenic diets but I don’t know much about them. Yes the fasting can help for sure. She (Lyranara) has another post about fasting that is interesting. Check out her blog. You might enjoy her holistic approach.
    But I was drawn to this post because my Grandmother had Alzheimer’s and diabetes. I’m always searching for new approaches with prevention or curing and the ear implants were intriguing.
    And I’m probably overreacting but I’m scared of it happening to me. My memory is not so keen anymore…at least short term. Might be of past abuse with drugs too.
    I’ve researched some about the GABA because of my anxiety disorder. I liked the “Space” between words vision.
    I’m impressed with your knowledge. 🙂


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