Echo Muses 8.

Hellfire Portal

Dashwood outta of my mind,
Floating over the thresholds of
Calcite catacombs.
The incumbent let me out of the icebox,
For the meteor shower,
And I felt:
But not a hallucinogenic feeling
But shunned
But no array of praise
But listened 
But cried
But fled!



5 thoughts on “Hellfire Portal

    • Thank you! This would be definitely the place to flee.
      I wanted the icebox to represent the cold realm that all the trapped spirits are held. I always wonder why ghosts haunt and why they don’t go into the light. I sometimes wonder if a negative spirit can control and hold some there. In this case it is Francis Underwood trapping the ghost Suki. The ‘meteor shower’ are people (they are temporary warm energy for the spirits) investigating the caves. Underwood opens up the portal to let Suki enjoy herself (to haunt) by engaging with the living. And the rest of the poem describes how it made her feel. But this time she fled with the living.
      I watch too much paranormal stories. This one really got to me and I wanted Suki to be released from Hellfire.
      Have you ever been there?


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Wow, that’s a lot going on there. Is interesting about spirits holding onto people…definitely energies i imagine. I like the meteor shower.
        Yes i have been there, and interestingly going there again with my sister in a few weeks. Will take some pictures. They do over night vigils and hunts, were juat going for the usual tour…and the gift shop.

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