INSECURE~by Saroj K Padhi



Insecure are the flowers in the hands
of a January wind that has gone blind
in passionate hug from petals suave and mild,
as the wind slowly turns wild
this evening while rubbing its neck, bare and lean
on the sensuous thorns hid underneath
where they whisper to each other in dark unseen;
street lights struggle to envisage the face of the eve
hid under a thin fog hanging over my street
as I wobble back home from the bar
where stars of my dreams frequently meet;
the Sun in the western fringe
is still reluctant to leave
when fears of the time spread their stingy wings
though at a short distance a temple bell rings:

my daughterโ€™s skin turns pale
under the scorching news of women outraged
when the Moon walks out of her insecure den
to witness incidents of loss, death of desire and pain
and theโ€ฆ

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3 thoughts on “INSECURE~by Saroj K Padhi

    • Yeah it really spoke to my heart today. That’s why I reblogged it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Some days I can’t write one sentence, so I just listen to what others are putting out in the universe. And then I might come away retrieving something from within. If that all makes sense!?

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