Echo Muses, Mental Health

The platform of eternal verities

my mind is a stage,
racing and sluggish
falling blades of droplets,
with fire in my belly.
I’m dancing with chimera.
Encapsulated, in the shambles of
a castle in the air.
Where the dark ate the moon.
There must be a way out of here?
I’ve lost the ground,
seeking a tone of verity.
Frahm, how do you stage it?
As the cobalt sky flowing through your veins, to your yenning fingertips,
with passion never diminishing.
Only unyielding instinctual energies, gracefully unfolding the composition,
of the soothing piano winter masterpiece.

“When you realize everything is staged, then nothing is staged.” Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm: Music Video:Baláz Simon Words:NaRa


10 thoughts on “The platform of eternal verities

    • Thanks Janice, um, just sleep deprivation, mental illness, and a lot of listening to Nils Frahm’s music. Sometimes trusting the myth, maybe can lead us to what is true for ourselves. I suppose that’s what the poem is pondering on. Are you a mythology teacher?

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      • I am a history teacher. I used to teach Greek mythology when I taught English and as part of my Greece unit.
        Maybe you could check out my blog if you could use any blogging tips. That’s what I write about now.
        I started to write about the connection between history and politics, but I changed to blogging tips.
        Fun chatting with you.


      • Aw, excellent. Greek mythology is one favorite topic of mine…enjoy history too but I’m really bad about memorizing dates and facts unless I research something obsessively. Yeah I’ll check it out!
        Maybe you could have a small section about mythology? And what the Chimera means to you.

        And thanks for sharing and finding value in my poem. 🔱

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