Art Illustration + Poems

Lou Land

ambrosial liquid
soaking the perlite soil—
filling the ancient underworlds veins
of fire, with celadon still life beads

Slick cellophane in Lou’s waters
spanish moss shelters,
shamanic whispers,
weaving a wheel to rise the flames
to rejuvenate the scarlet scarred hearts and sundial those eyes,
that once streaked and
swiveled the stars;
in a half destroyed ocean yard

Art and Poem: NaRa


4 thoughts on “Lou Land

    • Thank you! My sister who use to live in Louisiana has the art piece now….was going through pics and it conjured old feelings mesh with new ones. And yea, parts of Louisiana can be an oasis for me at least…so mystical down there.


      • Haha…I wish I was more professional. If I am it’s because chaos eventually turns into continuous progress. But I’m happy you see me that way.
        And gator eyes popping up.🐊 It’s a beautiful state but nature can devour ya too!


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