Echo Muses

A Roaring Stumble

A graveyard of wedgewood
All her possessions,
Latticed around her willowed heart
In the stream foam green corners,
Of the after-party
Love her soul splendour, a dancing daisy

The Fitzgeralds’ torrent love
Scott’s shame,
Could we give it a name
Hiding behind Zelda’s ruffled feathers,
Lit the bellicose beast hours
And those flames expired,
Only after taking Zelda’s mind and flesh
All that her heart could hold


13 thoughts on “A Roaring Stumble

    • Thank you Singledust! You can definitely interpret it that way. Zelda’s life in a way was a “gilded cage”. She would probably dislike this poem if she was alive…I measured her heart. And she said it couldn’t be done. She was a beautiful woman.

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      • so true and vice versa i supposed, some men can’t stand behind a more creative or successful woman and its just downhill from there unless the relationship is stronger than the lure of fame and fortune. Love the way you describe her, she was a character i found hard to like but identified with – weird huh?! she inspired and as expired him i like to think!

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      • I think we tend to dislike others certain characteristics because inside we are afraid to reveal them ourselves. Basic projection. She was a wild daisy. And yeah, I think the same. The ending is not only how she died but how she expired his flames (inspiration). Thanks for listening:)

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