Love Is A Flame~by Hela Tekali



Love Is A Flame

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Love is a flame
That never seems to extinguish
The fiery passion of my desire
Has only ever blazed for you.
My heart, mind, soul, and body
Dissipate within you.
Iโ€™ve been to the Cave of Plato and now back
In search of Your Light to keep its track.
You kindled my love, ignited and fueled it
My desire for you is like a hell of fire.
Youโ€™ve enjoyed the warmth of its flame
Youโ€™ve been licked by its passion,
Felt its rage, and totally blazed thirst ,
Youโ€™ve extinguished your flames
And now those flames only consume me
So I can confess you made me live in hell
And I truthfully enjoyed all it well
My desire for you is like lovemaking
I enjoy every fiery desire as it keeps flaming
Love is a flame that continually burns
Maybe your love is an incessant, blazingโ€ฆ

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