10 thoughts on “A desire for…

    • Haha…thanks! It’s from a game that I got at the library. You are supposed to roll the cubes to form a haiku, which I did the roll but didn’t follow the syllable rules. Yeah I’m drawn towards violet and thunder building a love chorus. It’s all by chance and shaping emptiness.

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      • Lovely way to form a poem or short story even. I saw once before someone stack book titles and come up with stories from the titles stacked in random order. Amazing how creative people can get. This was lovely Nara, purple seems to be your colour. No need for rules sometimes, let the cubes fall and tell the story!

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      • Yes art is all around us, ready to be noticed and evolved through whatever matter the artist finds fitting. Violet is my favorite color, even though I love all colors for all different symbolic reasoning. But violet appears beyond the mind and reason. Purely spiritual.

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      • I’ve heard orange is connected to creative power and sexuality. I like to think of it as the Id color. With no shame. I feel that the American culture doesn’t care for the color orange because they are so fake and cover themselves in the day with falsified notions on how to behave. I think orange becomes sorta of a horror color because they are fighting what everyone primarily desires. Idk if any of that makes sense. I’ve had a few gin drinks. 🙂 on vacation for a week.

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      • ah the gin talks! I was told – creativity and increasing appetite so I guess it could relate to sexuality as an appetite too, interesting concepts on the acceptance of orange in different cultures I guess, but its been something that has been more vivid recently. Maybe I am evolving as an artist! Thanks Nara -enjoy your drink and I am back to work now! Nice chatting as usual!

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      • Thanks anytime! Orange is also closely part of the Hispanic culture. I love Mexican art…like Frida Kahlo. But yeah, sex and food very related. Sometimes why people binge because balance is lacking between either or.

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