Collaboration with Havoc and Consequence

Havoc and Consequence

Aย Collaborative poem with โ€˜Enshrined Poetryโ€™ย (not the first time, more here).

It splits my soul.
Dragged back towards these melancholy shores.
Running through the downpour of emotions and memories.
Slick and sticky.
Covering me completely.
The ghosts gather, licking their ectoplasmic lips.
Feasting on the flesh of a thousand mistakes.
The subtle beasts, stealing my lazy reveries.
They haunt me still.
Rumbling up and down these bones, while I shiver towards catatonic sunder.
The god shape hole is backfilled with the deeds of the devil.
A By-product of love maneuvers and binding selfishness.
Like evolution.
The toxic waste of time.
Oh El I, El Iโ€ฆ.
Sweet and short reprieve.
What libertine hope is haloed into these thought chests?
Where ghosts hold the keys and cover the locks.
They never had the power of speech, yet their words haunt and taunt me.
They know the reasons for theseโ€ฆ

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11 thoughts on “Ghosts

      • Ahah yeah! I suppose I’m his muse to his poetry. I enjoy it. Brings me higher purpose and a sacred kinship to my life. What would we be without friendship/poets? Dull, I’d say.

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      • and you are a beautiful muse that brins such creativity. we need that Nara. someone who values our humanity. gives us purpose. life becomes vivid again. you are a sweet soul too

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      • That’s very kind of you to say! I’m glad I can bring cheer or meaning to parts of the world. This is the only really voice I can trust of my own. It’s the most honest, if you know what I mean. I’m glad Mark and you have got to know me this way, rather then in person. I’m really awkward and too wounded in person to express myself in conversation.

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      • ah my dear you have just described me too. my smile hides a lot of hurt. what we write or express here is the real us. in person we try to be something others want us to be. and the you I have come to know here I treasure as its the real you. free sprit and warm to me.

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  1. Mark Ryan says:

    A circle of sharing and support with sprinkles of growth, It’s a nice relationship, and allows us all to peek inside each other. I’m thankful for you both, and you inspire and impress me just as much (I’m very thankful this never feels self congratulatory; it always feels organic and encouraging). Thank you, for being you. Now, more posts please…i get greedy!

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