Mental Health, Relationship

Ossuary Sea

Jellyfish spit love
Tinkering with nature
The pleasure geyser from under the frown
Settle for up or down

A friend that failed you;
Once a three headed goddess
Now she’s restless as a Wolfgang huntress
Chasing a sorrow bit tale
A mad clap ovation to tear down the love summit

Perplexed, when we come back for more harm
When times are good, demanded the sorrow to stay away
Pushy like the river into the sea
Water element, better then the air to breathe

The horizontal bones
sinking bells below,
Out of decadence we all go under, in watery graves tonight
In hope, to awaken in aria’s soul-mist
A great acquiesce, to exist
A perpendicular recovery
In a circulation towards love again


42 thoughts on “Ossuary Sea

      • strong pull between the two signs like my brother and I. he’s a Scorpio and we understand each other so well. if there was one person I could meet from blogging here my biggest pull is to you Nara for some reason. now maybe I understand better

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      • That’s good you know the basics to battle drowning if you get in a bad situation. But anyone could drown, even the real good ones. Water can be one of the most overpowering elements and of course fire.
        Glad to inspire. That’s sounds like an overbearing person.

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      • Yeah, sometimes people are pushy because they see the potential in others, but it can do more harm then good often. Sadly, I’ve done this myself. But only yourself can face your own fears. Others are just there to support when asked for.


      • yes and they can sometimes push us into a corner we cant get out from. I hate when that happens. I rather be hurt then hurt someone. foolish but true. I am always apologising sometimes for things I am so confused about. you know some one told me I am too strong. no one can get close enough to me. and that made me sad because like you I secretly want to belong.

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      • Never feel bad about wanting to belong. It’s human nature for the need to belong. We are not here for ourselves. Lies and depression tells us we are. And yeah I battle it almost daily. It’s always trying to convince me to go it’s way, instead of joining what is natural and healthy. But our modern society influences this too. It’s so easy to type everything I say then say it it the presence of others.

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      • ah me too I can type a lot here ask me in person I usually answer I am ok. I read an article the 5 love languages. that helped me understandy needs better. I am sorry that you have to battle it everyday. I know the struggle and toll on the mental and physical. its good we get to talk like this once in a while and let it all go.

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      • Yes, love languages are very interesting. It’s okay, I’ve been this way since pre-teens, I’ve somehow managed this long, so I think I still have far too go. I be liberated someday…hopefully nirvana.
        Thanks, for talking to me and sharing. It does help to shut down the inner negative dialogue, especially with people that have been there.
        I think I’ll be heading for sleep soon. I’ll try to keep up with your posts. Visit back again later.

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