Jay POE, Jay Poem 16.

The Ensemble Summer


7 thoughts on “The Ensemble Summer

      • was dashing out the door when I read this, sorry could not respond promptly. you were going to call it that?1 wow I think there was psychic activity going on. it scares me that we connect deeply sometimes Nara, even though we are so far apart, your words reach out and recently your art on instagram, I cannot describe the feeling I get when I see them, it’s like a magnetic pull, compelling but familiar. like I have seen the detail but not the entire piece before. really enjoying your writing recently.


      • No worries. 🙂 Yeah, I was think about calling it the music box.
        Got the idea yesterday talking to Mark about rebirth. He was hoping sound could be included in the reincarnation process. And music is healing. But I decided it was an ensemble in many summers yet to come. And maybe with the same soul/souls as a new person in another life. Through the door or rebirthing portal. And perhaps not only music could heal but also protect the door from unknown fears. Sort like when your too anxious to walk out the door of your home to go to a party or enter a door to a party because of the assault of negativity swarming around your mind or soul.
        And wow, honored you feel that way about my work. The say deja vu is just remembering details from past lives or you get to view events before the birth. We’ve got old souls. And I think I drift around in styles or art and writing.
        Happy it is all speaking to you lately.


      • Talking to Mark get my creativity going too! We discussed love the other day and trust and that was very soul uplifting to know that love is still alive and appreciated for what it really is. Sound with reincarnation? I would think it had to be! Music moves the depths of a soul, even heal when all else fail, so certainly in reincarnation. I think using it as a protective means is also something to think about, many times I would cocoon myself in a song just to get through a day, remember the lyrics and melody to build this wall of defense, knowing I would have to confront some demons.

        Oh your art is magnificently good my dear!

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      • Sharing in the inspiration!
        Yes, I cocoon myself in music a lot too.
        Thank you so much! If you ever want or need anything, such as a 🎁 …I would be happy to make you something.

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