Death, Lunar Poems

Blue Bees will not sting

Roses in the park,
Shimmer as a string of red pearls slipping down her throat


In a steel room he held her midst of mercy
Autumn’s arrival at last, the violet petals collapse
He’ll pass through cosmic tunnels
And wear her voice as he nears the moon


What of it now?
The failure of nerve
We all stand a chance
To be a queen in his eyes
When the suntory claimed the roses as blue

Poem by: NaRa

Art: Blue Bee Image Pinterest, Mark Rothko & Freydoon Rassouli





7 thoughts on “Blue Bees will not sting

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    ‘the violet petals collapse’ … Love this line. I read it as violent, quite a different reading but interesting. Great post and title. Would blue roses be made of glass?

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    • You could read it as violent since the poem edges on the theme of murder. Killing love in the form of idealizing it, I suppose that’s what I was intending. I was just first inspired by Kerouac’s language of roses and bees. And I’ve been listening to a lot of mystery murder podcasts (as you already know) and watching Hannibal. The blue roses inspiration actually come from reading about the company Suntory and how they claimed to genetically engineered the first blue rose. If you look them up they are really a lavender color. But the blue roses are also symbolic in the poem for a cold body.
      I’m glad I intrigued your mind today with this one! 🌹


      • Mark Ryan says:

        You certainly did, and i think you’re leaning into a career of murder investigator. I’ve bought blue roses before, and never knew that…interesting. Have you seen the rainbow roses? Thanks for clicking my mind!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, no I couldn’t stomach thinking about investigating murder everyday. I just get fascinated with the mysteries sometimes.
        I’ve never bought blue roses myself but I have bought a rainbow one once. I’ll send you some pics. You’re very welcome. Happy to always help in the clicking!


      • Mark Ryan says:

        I think white roses are my favourite ones, i’m sure the colours have some meaning but i always thought they looked the most elegant. Can you get green ones though? And thank you, will have a look, Sonny likes crime shows too, he’s been watching these Australian ones…i find them too disturbing personally.

        Liked by 1 person

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