Mental Health, Mine Na Poem


Clutching for balance
Unavoidable through straw stark nights
Lost within the gap
Caged in need,
Of rippled static

Surrender in the frightful whirlwind
That moves in silence,
Like a thief in the night
To open wounded doors
And swell in my belly
A nebulous mouth,
Until everything rushes out,
And left with a bosom unfettered

    Words & Art by: NaRa



10 thoughts on “Tornado

    • Thank you 😊
      Surrendering in destruction might help understand the origin of your own destruction. Do not repress. Sit in discomfort until it passes and learn how or why it might comeback.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        True. And especially as a tornado will throw everything up into the air and at you. No avoiding our life’s garbage then when it hits you in a the face like a old nappy. I like the flow to the poem too, I relish the mini pieces you do sometimes…concise and full of much f5 force!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! You know I have recurring dreams of tornadoes. My whole life. It is a phobia but like most interpretations say I’m emotional. Oh well, good for poetry. 😉


      • Mark Ryan says:

        Really, that’s interesting. The chaotic storm that rages within. Indiana isn’t in tornado country is it? Have you ever witnessed one? Must be bad if it’s a phobia. Keep out of Kansas please Dorothy🌪️

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, Indiana is in tornado valley. I saw one when I was 5 or 6. And once my brother, a friend, and me was behind one in a car and had no idea, until the evidence of trees down, and someone on the road telling us to go back.
        lol, yes Kansas would be a nonstop nightmare.


      • I would be there in a heartbeat if I could and your country wouldn’t kick me out. Lol
        Canada is my best bet but no one wants to go to Canada with me. And Trump is scarier than tornadoes! Actually he is a wuss compared to Mother Nature.


      • Mark Ryan says:

        I think he would be the ‘great and powerful’ Wizard of Oz, a small man with delusions of grandeur who’s a fraud. Let’s hope he ends up in Return to Oz…that’s a terrifying place.

        Liked by 1 person

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