A desire for, Buddhism, dreams


The children of the sun
Have been fooling
Underneath the new moon
On fire, in scarlet dreams of you

Pass the velvet decay
Near the collarbone of delight
Petal pinks
Sisters’ peaks can still rise

Ardent October nights ahead of us
A soft mouth with some proof
In their eternal eyes, they always knew who
Our lifetimes of aspen leaves
swaying in cadence breeze

Poem: NaRa Digital Montage: NaRa & appropriated from Francesca Woodman


3 thoughts on “Bodhisattvas

    • Thanks! I had appropriated the photo with some of my own imagery when i took a digital montage class years ago. I use to know how to use photoshop.

      I’m glad the beat came through. I always love shooting for songs.
      I like the velvet description as well.
      Wanted to add more but I woke up at 3 am to finish writing it in time for the new moon. And this is all my brain allowed. 🙂


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