dreams, Sleep

Corporeal Blackout

My drowsy feet—
pulls this face from its earthly shell
When entering sleep
The cleaving mind unravels
the coiled dead metaphors
And cast my projections into a lucid surprise
While my quivering body hangs
like the swinging bell moon

In time my little ghost,
will have to venture back through
The amnesiac windows
to dress in its best—

Poem & Art: NaRa


9 thoughts on “Corporeal Blackout

    • Thank you! I got the bell imagery from a space documentary. When rock debris was crashing into the moon making craters the impact had caused the moon to swing like a bell. They say even today the moon is quivering from the shock.
      The skeletal image has a story to it. When I used to make my photos I was experimenting on drawing on negatives, and then enlarging them in the developing & printing process. This is just a part of that photo it’s actually larger and more to it. It was in a series of photos I made about my high school friend that got in a car wreck and went into a coma. Thereafter woke up and lost her memories.
      I zoomed in on the skeletal figure with the dripping faces because I remembered making this particular one. I was drawing on the negative, but I was falling asleep when I drew the figure. When I enlarged it I got this. It was extremely interesting. A sort of automatic drawing but with sleeping.

      I’m glad you liked it. My little ghost.


      • What a sad parade, but such connection. It’s funny how things turn out like that. I hope your friend was able to get through things! The art is wonderful, but you always manage to not only tie the words, but as if they emerge from the art piece like a symbotioc process has taken place. The moon stuck out for me, always pulled by it’s lunar call! The reading, if you were to do one for this, would be really good if you used one of those voice manipulators…adding an ethereal tinge. As the words were negatives themselves. Not sure if that makes sense.

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      • Yeah it was traumatizing at the time. But now she has fully recovered and is a Mom of 3 beautiful kids.
        Thank you I believe it’s the universe assisting me. Sometimes I have no idea how I come up with some of the things I make. But I’m always trying to keep an eye out for associations and symbolic meaning.
        I’m not sure if I do know what you mean by a voice manipulator. Like they use in the Scream movies? Lol
        I do use a tape recorder and then record it on my iPad from the tape recorder. I like how the tape recorder picks up the sound behind me and makes my voice sound better.


      • Haha, no no…not the scream type scary ones. The ones that are bit like autotune, but more like what they would use in old movies to give a creepy low tone…along with using those Theremin musical machines. I liked the tape recorder sound, gives the reading a more discovered feel.

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