Wreathed in the flames

The tear drops spiral into one
Verily, it is a craving to go on through the mind-sweep
The wish, to wish you out of the question,
And let it be

Round and round these glowing branches grows out of the tangles
And rebinds at its own accord

All along what my heart has been saying

This wreath of flames is majestic and wild
Fuses the sunder
Burns away into, magenta afterglow
That will touch your face
And doubtlessly will keep you in grace, of all those tomorrows



6 thoughts on “Wreathed in the flames

    • Yes, severe sadness. A hard one to write. Admitting things to yourself is never pleasant. Yeah I think the bubbling conjures the pulsating in the following poem.
      Always was told color is my strongest suit. Simple but has deeper details than what the surface reflects back. Colored is perceived in so many different ways. A constant interest of mine.


      • It really shows through your work, i love it. It adds layers and can be re-read a different times giving different readings. Fuse light and colour, and it might be even more transporative. Have you ever played around with light installation work using your Faye Dunaway?


      • Makes me miss photography. Light and color. And black and white.
        No, not sure what you mean. Did Faye Dunaway make photos? I know she is the actress in Mommie Dearest.


      • oops, that was me multitasking badly, and sounds a bit rude when you read it back. hehe. Meant, with your ceramics. I could see you doing Dale Chihuly type things with light within.
        (And mommie dearest is brilliant!)

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  1. Lol! It’s fine. I was just confused.
    Were you looking at Faye Dunaway stuff when you were typing this? “No wire hangers!”
    Yeah the Chihuly type of art in ceramics with color and light would be more like this artist
    I actually know her. We have talked on many occasions at my work. She’s friends with the owner. But whenever I ever talked to her about her work (which I loved and studied in art school…big fan) she would go on tangents about Japanese culture or England. I have seen and held her vessels. They are amazing. They go for like $2000 or more. She told me how she fixes cracks. I wanted to do art like that for a long time. But it is extremely babysitting it. Very hard to master.


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