Mental Health, Therapy


In this year, what cloth should I wear?
Yesterday’s madhouse pulled out from that big dark dyeing vat
Passionate red
Confusion at the edge
Goes beyond the edge
Again, back towards the middle
Winter rings appear numb but vibrate in longing

Left me a note
On the phone table
Tabbed the brakes,
To repair the mind

Arrived at the session
But mind and love have run off
This silence, blue and green, pulsates
But it doesn’t invoke yesterday’s purple blade
Soaked in a tantalizing name

Art: Peter Sedgley


10 thoughts on “Pulsate

    • Thank you 🙂 It has always been one of my favorites.
      I just recently read this, “Violet is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. This colour is known as one of the “cool” colours. It has a very calming effect on us and is, therefore, very helpful for those people experiencing sleep difficulties or stress. However, it can be contra-indicated for those suffering from depressive disorders.”
      Maybe green and purple this year?

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      • i think we did talk about the colour purple sometime ago as I remember it is one of your favourite colours. It is one of mine, I love all of its hues and its very calming to me, though I never knew it had an adverse effect on those suffering from depression. Colour sets the mood for me and I find that it can make me moody too some days. Green and purple look very contrasting next to each other and I like the image of them together.

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    • Frantic is a very good overall feeling of this one. Wanted it a mixed feeling with anxiousness, tranquility and action/inaction. Chakras red to survival/passions, green in the heart, blue in understanding, but purple in spiritual bliss. Purple is not achieved and it can become more desirous like a drug. Which makes complications in the heart and mind.
      Thank you! Winter reallocates my creative energy to the writing side. Hopefully some drawing/painting also. Taking a break from ceramics too drying on the skin.

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