Kryptonite, Mental Health



Feels like an eternity chill on the rank,
As a rook passes through my heart
The forget-me-nots decay
The white elephant just fades,
To that room
Filled with regretfully sandblasted sculptures
The opportunities never fully-opened
Like fallen snowflakes on shoes,
Melting and evaporating
Sinking truth broken
Particle by particle
Pressure released
Downpour to the deep



8 thoughts on “Rupture

  1. That image and the description, reminded me of the bit in Beetlejuice where they can’t leave the room or the sandworms would get them.
    ‘To that room. Filled with regretfully sandblasted sculptures’
    Rupture is such a violent word, it’s sound and meaning.I take the white elephant for possibilities, fading away. Devoured by the black rook of time.
    Hope it shifts form the u to an a, just two letters apart and a world of difference. (Oh how great the cranberries were too!) Nice piece…as always.

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    • I love Beetlejuice. I’m glad you perceived it that way. More dark humor than dark sadness.
      I think was mixing some inspiration from a lot of avenues I’ve been exploring lately. The rupture is more about the Big Bang and that first Kabbalah audio class you sent me. I was so intrigued by how it explained our decision to want to be separated from the light/God that we need to be in a different reality which created the Big Bang. And we and the other vessels are in this reality trying to learn the game of life…and for us to truly get connected with God we must learn to receive the light and share the light without conditions…like God does with us.
      I also have been inspired by chess since I’ve been playing a lot of it lately. I’ve been playing with a boy from India and I’m learning how powerful the rook can be on the board.
      The white elephant has most to do with the saying of the “white elephant in the room” And paying attention or ignoring my mental illness. And the sandblasted sculptures are metaphors for time I tried to heal but didn’t follow through so they retired to a room. As the elephant did too.
      And towards the end is a struggle with truth and blunders. And if some truths will just take us more down a void.
      Sorry I just rambled and I don’t know even if I make sense to myself. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thanks for reading and the comment!


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