Your red coral blanket
Beads into strings
Pulling for the dance
Will the swirl of our DNA crash only,
Into sweet nothings ?

While these superimposable symbols
Consume my ever so present consciousness,
Your vestments cover me like the clouds
Keeping me from all that scorches
Near the streams of the jungle
As we play in the light

Artist: Jeyamohan


14 thoughts on “Bloodstream

  1. I would gravitate to that love which brought me to the light. I was attracted to your line “Consume my ever so present consciousness” – like never having respite from stimulants from the colours and the textures. you have woven colour and feelings so beautifully here.

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    • Thanks for this wonderful comment.
      Yeah I was trying to convey that exact feeling that being in love can become…especially those intense loves that enchant your whole waking and sleeping life. The fluttering heart and the peacefulness all wrapped into heady moments.
      And a mixture of doubt in faith even perhaps in some epic Indian mythology.
      I’m very happy you enjoyed it! 😊

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  2. This is so sweet and lovely, and i think the length really works (doesn’t over egg the pudding!). ‘Vestments’ sprung out at me for some reason, it’s funny how that can be attached to the negative side of religious ceremonies, or at least stand for the organised side of it, but in this context i read it as a warm loving covering. I like the stripped down wording, works well for the emotion that shines through.

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    • Since Krishna is shirtless a lot I don’t think of his vestments as being a holy robe…lol…So yeah the other meaning a loving covering and spiritual covering too.
      Thank you and I think some wording comes easy when I visualize being there. That I’m that subject with those feelings. And not that love is a simple subject, but I didn’t want it to be too wordy… a focus more on the emotional baseline. And that’s all she wrote folks! 😊


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