Buddhism, Kryptonite, love, Mental Health

Caution Tells

Not for the faint of the heart,
To lean into the longing
The heavy metallic dust
In the moonlit misery
I see it now,
The “Golden Girl” with
Obscure passion towards the seductive thread
Of a strayed friend

With dread,
I’m pierced into these toxic platitudes
Yet, my heart races for that final rest
Pumping red
Pulsating in my head

Have favor in me red
Even though their love will never come
Please don’t close the valves

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha




15 thoughts on “Caution Tells

  1. you look like a porcelain doll Naomi, priceless and delicate. colours have an effect on my psyche too, i almost always stay away from red unless its for shoes. “Not for the faint of the heart,To lean into the longing” – I loved this , like micro poetry all on its own, I am pondering over it still.

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    • Ahah, yeah I was much younger then. But thank you…I’ve always been drawn to this self-portrait. Light is so intriguing…how in photography you can manipulate it and become almost a different person.
      Red usually scares most because it is a brazen color and when you wear it you can be making that statement. It’s a survival color too and perhaps that is why I’m drawn to it. Trying to survive through life’s heartaches and celebrating in being able yield to the pain…to open up and explore why it might have happened so you can forgive. Sometimes we simply can’t understand… and if you do understand it can break you…that’s why it is cautionary and not for the faint of the heart.
      Keep pondering…I always recommend that. Leads to many creative endeavors.

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      • Well that photo portrays you so well, it shows your inner self, but not revealing too much. I love pink! but not for clothes, I own a lot of other pink stuff, the girly me, but my wardrobe is mostly black, grey and blue. I understand the being drawn to colour, there will be days when a single colour will stand out in everything I see. Like its a guide to discovery or answers to questions. Red intrigues me, i don’t have the personality to carry off red, except for shoes, have a few red heels but that’s more trying to be fashionable! I hope your struggles ease up with age and learning new coping mechanisms Naomi, I know that we are sometimes given such new struggles to deal with and never prepared. When i look at your artwork i see the celebration, the inner child set free. From your heart to your hands, the healing seems to flow through.

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