5 thoughts on “Undergo

  1. The is perfect. It’s concise and powerful, like a coral bomb at the bottom of the reef. ‘In the fluidity of love’ is my favourite line…i think that could be your new slogan! Amazing, thank you for sharing!

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    • Thanks for seeing the value you in it. I’ve had it written for awhile but kept hesitating with posting it. I was afraid it was not enough but usually my poems are usually saturated with an upheaval of emotions and then bam gone.
      Hehe I think that is the Pisces‘ empowerment speaking out. Don’t wrestle in what or with who you love. Just accept it and take care of it. 😘


      • I sometimes think the emotions dictate on the the length sometimes, giving weight and elasticity to a piece. This one works so well because it’s short and to the point. Packs the punch 🙂

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