Death, dreams


Mapping the voids of a phosphorescent microscopic oasis
Touching the talisman of the chemist mind…
Interior soft blue
The unshattered chandelier before…
The carbon choke misery

In the end of the century,
bees will seek the flame
As lava once flowed out of lunar rage
Smothered terra and blacken ash…
Runes of the meaning of grace
The trees will broadcast our dreams,
Of sobs muffled by the blaze
As the dusty feet of bees,
Are retired whispers in the torrid breeze


8 thoughts on “Burnt

  1. Some very surreal landscapes, and i love the line ‘The trees will broadcast our dreams,’…reminds me how you can see the trauma of the planet in the trunk rings. There is such power and intensity in this peace, perhaps a subconscious screaming of frustration. …hopefully this is your return to more posts, more often….you’ve been missed!
    Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes I love that line too. The trees have memories too!
      Yeah Iā€™m trying to make a slow comeback….just so hard to do and be everything I want in this life šŸ˜‰ And the antidepressants sometimes make me think less creative/sad. Lol


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