Echo Muses

Motherly Heliotrope

The colors of autumn
Where are they now?
Desaturated and lost in the waves of sight

Pass the forest and come to the purple door,
Three knocks to come forth,
To the stoney garden of the lady with jars

Lost in pensive thoughts, spilled out in tender rains, into the caldron of the cosmos
Cast a bond towards jove…. impart the love of a mother

As purple sage burns the diminishment of pain, and what remains,
Purple ash is scattered from the hands of a mother
Saturating the earth, to spring forth a cathedral of amethyst trees

Halloween spell for : Gina@Singledust

Imagine: pininterest


24 thoughts on “Motherly Heliotrope

  1. touches my heart so tenderly, a magical spell for the lady of the jars, you combined everything so beautifully. I love the colour purple, amethyst is so regal and proud and the cathedral of trees, like the forest was a fortress. the last stanza spreads warmth all over my heart this cold November morning. love how you created this spell, with all the right ingredients, you took your time , sorting and sifting and picking what was just right and it was so worth the wait. love, love and a million hugs

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    • Hugs 🤗 back. Very happy it resonated in your heart 💜 I wanted to create something special for you with all that has happened the past two years. And I wanted to express how a mother’s love is protective and powerful…but sometimes the mothers need the most protection and healing. I know you love purple too! My favorite also. It is a color for the mothers as well. For most can be very intuitive, as the color purple is associated with the third eye.
      And most of all I wanted to have your other character have a cameo here. “Lady of Jars” I hope Sir Mark likes it too.

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      • you made me feel a strength I have not felt in a very long time, it has been such a difficult two years and I am so grateful Mark and you have been with me and helped me through it. that is why this poem is so very precious above everything else. How can love be better defined than in words someone writes from the heart. i feel so undeserving. you have no idea how deeply comforting this poem is.

        yes the Lady of the Jars is very hounoured and wants to keep precious Europa Girl safe, Sir Mark will spin our fate in his beautiful landscape of colour and snow and I know that shiny girl from the sky has a hidden power he wants to showcase very soon.

        much love to you my dear. this song came to mind as i read your poem –

        All you Got is Gold – The Great Escape.

        When Mark reads this and listens to the song, he will understand too why I chose it for you.

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      • Gina you deserve all the love this universe gives, never think anything different. I’m happy I can help especially with poetry. Maybe that psychic was right…maybe I can be a healer through expression? I wish I could be a better friend always to you both. I get so caught up in other things that I don’t maintain the chat/or all the readings of everyone’s work. I feel like Sylvia Plath sometimes….I don’t have enough time to read everything I want before I die.
        Anyways, it is truly a blessing that us three are loving friends from a distances.
        I can’t wait for more Europa girl and Lady of the Jars!
        That is a beautiful song too! Thanks. All the gold in it reminds of Mark.

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      • oh you are a very good friend, its not all about reading each other’s work, we write because we must write and we appreciate one another in other ways. you are here when we need you that is the most valuable thing to have. why do certain people connect? its the universe at work!

        yes the psychic is right, but your talent and power extends to more than just words, your art is also something quite amazing.

        well you have me there too! so much I want to do before I die, the important things at least. and enjoying the doing.

        we have a very strong bond, seems so unlikely at times, different personalities and interests yet its like this supernatural triangle. yes he is that gold, the kintsugi of our broken porcelain.

        have a wonderful November!

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      • I love that movie!!! But I’m a big fan of anything from Day of the Dead. Full of colors, beautiful altars to celebrate loved ones on the other side, and marigolds! What more could I want out of a sacred day!
        Blessings to your weekend too singledust 💕

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  3. Hélène Vaillant says:

    Absolute tenderness, purple colour of the realm of wisdom, amethyst healer of powers that ails us, motherly care. A lovely gift expressed through your poetry.

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  4. Sometimes, words are useless to express such connection, tenderness and love. I think a hearty hug would be fitting, and i must confess; i would shed a tear.
    I absolutely adore this piece. It’s creation, flow, imagery and meaning. It comes from love, it collapses into appreciative laps. Amazing use of colour, and my favourite line ‘Purple ash is scattered from the hands of a mother’ has such resonance.
    Wonderful, superb and and an elegant way to show appreciation. God love that woman, and you too my friend.

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    • If I was near many hugs and tears I would shed with you.
      Thank you my friend! I’m very proud of it because my intentions were just to show love and beauty for her as being a mother in a magical way. Even if you two only read it, my heart would still be full. We love you too 💜💜💜💜💜!

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