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Written for dVerse poetics hosted by Amayaย โ€“ I decided to go fluffy on this prompt, visit the pub for other poetic Utopias.

My version of Utopia โ€“ includes my favourites โ€“ Snow and Europaย 

in the basement of self ruin
welcome, we sip dandelion tea
letโ€™s string words on a marigold
sit and lean against the cold

deep inside the rooted hills
hollow out a stool or three
prepare a fresh batch of dreams
please sugar coat its seams

we wait for the enshrined mauve
sweet and fair Europa maiden
to join our merry band
and then we are complete

in the warmth of our make believe
Iโ€™d share my blanket of Snow
youโ€™d bring the cut glass urn
as she spins diamonds off Saturn

and when this Utopian day is over
our minds like an avenoir
will slide into brown sugar lumps
and find peace inโ€ฆ

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