Jay Poem 7.

Mie Scattering 

As a child I shoplifted

My mouth was iron

A mind golden in levity

Yes, lying was the game

But never about my name

We both had German last names

Yours was quaint

Mine borrowed

For Dad’s Dad was lost to fate

I was proud of the Ski and everything else that made me

You told me my first meant princess                                                       I told you it meant pleasant, and once a Japanese boy told me I was  wondrous and most beautiful

You smiled and knitted your brow

I tickled the guitar strings, as you grabbed my hand

You said I was ivory to your eyes and cherry blossoms to your lips

I giggled, as I assumed you were competing and told you I was lying about the boy

But never about my name

You still kissed my mouth

The pressure was airy

Poem and Image on Ceramic Sculpture: Naomi Ruth Saharski W.