Jay Poem 9.

Bestowing Moonstones

You teach me how to lay life down, from high above—                           like a wire walker.

For so long, I mourned with primitive bellows.                                A manifest of a nocturnal creature, I was.

To settle my night anguish,                 you brought gifts of lights;         from color bands of moonstones. The display of my old soul: compassionate blues and purples,  passionate corals,                                   star flecks of gold,                                 and the hovering cloud-space white.

This life, the 82nd time,                       I anticipate its release.                          To be again, in the garden spectrum of orbs, vibrating higher with you. Let’s reunite, before earthly rebirth.                                 Familiarize our facet souls together, be intertwined in the ethereal expansion.

For: J.B.W.

Photo by: Erin O’ Malley                       Poem: Naomi Ruth S. W.                      Music: J Tillman Crosswinds