Mine Na Poems, Relationship

Daisy Wheels

To be your doe,
Your dear,
Rays that drop from golden suns
Me, my name,
I call myself—Devlin
A fierce girl that wrapped
Celtic knots around her thumbs

Your heed,
To confuse
Entrap me in daisy wheels
Asunder the ancient powers,
It spins out,
Haunts in pottery shards
Ambrosial campfire
To sit in love with your kin

Dispel the engrave
A chiselled heart, a fantasy bond
Our eyes, deep seated truths
I cherish…
Your music, beyond the moon-wave
My cry, a beloved praise

Mental Health, Relationship

Purple like my true love is

I seize your voice,
And sink it into the purple waves.
The spillage pours into my aura.
When I can’t understand the overflow of language;
I pause the burden.
Simone’s lilac lamenting
Into blend of din.
The third eye enchanted
in the ry ry rhyming sin.
I felt my twin flame INTENSITY in 1998.
And hey, I was desired the same.
I’m the purple passion vine climbing a windowsill.
You, metal petals on the kitchen floor.
Tinfoil lips.
Still, unready.
Unreal my descending myth.

Poem: Naomi Ruth W.

  Art: James Nares


Ida Reds, Holding Love

The seasonal sun fire kisses,
To ablaze sweet Ida skins.
Enchant my eyes to sense,
The difference of my life’s fabrication.
Charming poisons
Like cavities that fed on my mind.
All the pretending of love.
That never nurtured.
My blood to flow,
To make my skin a blushing rose.
Now I see I’m too old to huff impatiently. I’m left to asking how do I orchestrate an orchard?
I simply cannot.
For if I control it,
I’ll cultivate only a bitter lust.
A love to grow as naturally as
Ida Reds, must be surrender in trust.
To the graceful hands of nature.
That one day could embrace me tightly
In tangible warmth,
And fray the cold negligence.

Poem & Photograph(Saturday’s stroll thru apple orchard): Naomi Ruth S. W.


Squeezing Love

Breathing in you.
Breathing out you.
My lungs alone,
Love you.
Been in this prickly isolation.
Oh how long can we suffer?
Before the mind is bleak in blunders.
And west of home, you know you touched my indian summer.
So why can’t we quit this defeat?
At 22, I wish I had you honey.
For my heart was wounded
in deathly tension.
And my existence seemed like a fixed fate of continued loss and self-mutilation.
But don’t you know,
even then I heard you coming;
from a roof that could have
crushed every bone.
But now here we stand.
Merging our isolation.
Mouth to mouth.
Folded like an origami rose.
our hearts found their way.
Breathless and tall.

poem and art: Naomi Ruth W.S.

Mental Health, Relationship

Shoving Love


Push me over into the blackened junk.
Pull me up in silver fright.
Spin me until I’m out of sight.
I love, l love, I love
How you’d make me try.
With scales that hold all the lovely and ugly fragments.
With words that seem frivolous, And never define the trapped unattainable emotions I have inside.
Oh I love, I love, I love
How my heart can take flight,
In your remarkable sky.
You drag me down from
Barbizon coral’s might.
Oh l love, I love, I love
This gothic arcade sunrise


Illuminated Moon Shadow

Cozing in, by the trees.                                                                                                                           Come on, it’s just around the Bend.
Kiss me in your moon shadow,
By the silver beach.

I wish my needs could vanish,
Into those crashing waves.
But they remain,
Arched toward your musing Hands.

Wisdom tells to stay moons Apart.
Keep to the you and you
And the I and I;
To avoid the cost of a broken Heart.
The veil is there to always help,
But I often anticipate the other Side.
For glory is never something to Hide.

So we are like glass
That breaks apart.
But glass can be fused.
A flame will do.
Your moon shadow I choose.


A wind blew in a friend

Immersion in bath
Radio in rain
Take comfort,
I’m a collector of sullen days
I frame the opalescent haze from your mind
Come in with sultry eyes
You won’t be needing those Percocets
You’ll laugh until you can’t stand it
You’ll create without feeling loneliness
Together, reassemble all those potential fragments
You know we can make this happen
All you need to do is take this poem and folded into a growing habit
Come on take my hand
Its okay to be afraid
You won’t sink into quicksand
You’ll be okay my friend
With all these honest dealings
A chance at trying