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NaRa’s Instagram Art (Klexy Colors)

NaRa’s Klexy Colors IMG_0983

Sample pic. Hit text NaRa’s Klexy Colors to be sent to link for more. ☝️

When I’m not writing poems, I’m busy with my other artistic endeavors.

Happy to share. 🙂



“You are a blue distance, into my future…”

He began to remember with his dark eyes, drawing out the light
in mists of sandalwood and smears
of rose madder, a fine red

Scratching Van Gogh’s history
stunningly, makes a vision,
from a tube of ultramarine blue
and buds outta of tea colours
after café terrace hours,
the first to lay down swirls of ecstasy

Partial cut-up from
Sacré Bleu- Christopher Moore